Review Of The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator, Top #200 Free RPGs on the App Store

The Wolf: Online is an RPG app for iOS and Android. It is a MMORPG and a Mobile Game. To play this game, you will start by creating your character. 

Character Creation

Characters are wolves. The basic type of character is a gray wolf which is available for free to play players. There are special skins such as Mexican Wolf, Black Wolf, White Wolf, Dark Wolf, Golden Wolf, Ashen Wolf, Norwegian Wolf, Champion Wolf which can be unlocked by free players through completing achievements. There are some wolves that you must spend real life money to buy before you can select them for your character creation such as a Silver Wolf and Obsidian Wolf.

After you have chosen the type of wolf you want to be, then you can set your attributes. There are four attributes in this game: Health, Defense, Attack, and Speed. Aside from attributes, the combat system is based on totems, auras, specials, and a basic talent tree. By specializing your character in certain fields, you will be able to focus on damage dealing or tanking. Some talent trees may be better for single target damage while others may have area of effect damage. Since this is a multiplayer game, you can collaborate with your friends in cooperative mode or fight real player enemies in the PVP mode. Keep that in mind when stacking your talent tree. 

Map Of The Wolf: Online

The world of Wolf: Online RPG is divided into the world map as well as individual zone maps. The zone maps are the Green Hills, the Dark Forest, the Wild Tundra, the Legend Mountains, Mammoth Creek and so on. To explore through the different maps you must gain levels. The earlier maps start as Co-op so if you are a new player you do not need to worry about PVP or other players attacking you.

In-app purchases or Pay to Win

If you wish to get ahead in this game, you may be willing to fork out some real money to speed up the leveling process. There are two premium memberships in this game: Premium Silver, and Premium Gold. Premium Silver can be obtained by spending 500 gems which is the equivalent of $5. Premium Gold can be obtained by spending $10. Premium silver only lasts for 14 days and Premium Gold lasts for 30 days. The benefit of Premium silver is a bonus of 25% extra experience gained as well as 25% extra points gained. There are also premium Wolf characters that you can unlock by being premium silver and you have a daily Quest slot bonus as well. The benefits of Premium Gold are even more experience and points earning bonus (50% for each) as well as an additional premium wolf skin. You will still get the same daily Quest bonus as in silver, but you will also get another additional bonus for your weekly quests, and your avatar name will also have a special golden color so other players can know that you are Premium Gold.

Playing With Friends Or Joining Guilds 

The Wolf: Online RPG is a multiplayer game, and as in most RPGs you may want to join a guild. The guilds in this game are called Packs. This is because a wolf pack is a group of wolves, and the word Pack fits the lore and story much more than the word Guild. The limit of members in a Pack is 50. Some packs are open to anyone who wants to join. It would be easy for you to join these packs if you are interested. However, they may have set their own restrictions in regards to your minimum CP score as well as a minimum player level. As long as you meet the requirements, you will be able to join a pack like this. Once you are in a pack, you can add your fellow pack members as friends and play with them. Being in a Pack offers several advantages. Every week that you are in a pack, you will be able to get a bonus called the Pack Bounty. The Pack Bounty is increased depending on how active your pack is as well as how many achievements you collectively have obtained. By growing with your pack, you can make new friends as well as progress in the game. Some packs are more active than others, so depending on how serious you take this game you may want to keep that in mind when you are deciding which pack to join.

Development Company Information

The Wolf: Online RPG Simulator was developed by the company Swift Apps sp. z o.o. sp. Kom. The physical address of the company is ul. Radzikowskiego 3 31-305 Kraków, Poland. The company phone number is +48 535 255 795. The company email address is

Swift Apps sp. z o.o. sp. Kom have also developed Cat Simulator 2015 and Dog Simulator.

Game is available on the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.