Is The New MMORPG Archeage II Worth Playing?

ArcheAge II is expected to be released sometime in 2024, maybe in the fall or spring. The official trailer from Kakao Games is now available as a video online. Will ArcheAge live up to the hype? There have been many games in the past where people are full of hope only to become disappointing, such as No Man’s Sky. If you are hyped for the trailer, keep that in mind before you make any pre-orders. That being said, it can be a very exciting time for fans of ArcheAge I.

Some players may have had a bad experience with ArcheAge in the past and that has led them to be pessimistic about Archeage II. Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about the new release of ArcheAge II may depend on your previous experience with the game. There are many questions that players have about this upcoming game. New games tend to have a lot of micro transactions and loot boxes. Players want to know if ArcheAge II will be monetized in such a way. It is reasonable for people to want to know this advance, because people want to succeed in a game based on skill and effort, not based on the amount of money that they have spent on their credit card. Being classified as “pay to win“ can make a game unpopular with hard-core gamers.

ArcheAge II is planned to be available for consoles as well as PC. It is expected that you will be able to play it on a PlayStation or Xbox. Playing with a controller rather than a keyboard and mouse can give a very different gaming experience than a computer. This is not the first MMORPG to be played with a controller. Some people play Final Fantasy 14 on the computer and others can play it on a console with a controller as well. There are also adapters you can use to make the computer version playable with a controller.  

The development engine used for ArcheAge II is Unreal Engine 5. Many mobile games are made with other engines such as Unity. Unreal Engine 5 is a popular engine and it can be good for making PC and Console games. 

The story of ArcheAge I and ArcheAge II are related. Some games may have completely different storylines even though they seem to be from the same series. The Final Fantasy series is an example of this. Even though there are many Final Fantasy games, the storylines of those games are separate, at least for most of them. However, players of ArcheAge II will not need to be concerned that the story of ArcheAge II will be from a completely different world. The story will be in the same universe as the first game.  

Will there be any changes to the housing and trading system in ArcheAge II?

Although many players enjoyed using the housing system in ArcheAge I, one big issue is that some players cannot find good spots for housing. If there’s only a limited amount of a resource, and the demand exceeds supply, then there will be some people who are unable to get the housing that they want. Although players can’t always get housing in the good spots, they may be able to find it in a less desirable spot. ArcheAge II also plans to have more collaborative features between trading and housing with other players. Since ArcheAge II is an MMORPG, interacting with other players and your guild mates needs is one of the main purposes of being an MMO. By taking into account the player feedback, the developers plan to make many new changes.