Clash Of Clans Clan Games Challenge Rework

Clan games challenge rewards in Clash of Clans have continuously changed as new patches have been released. The amount of points per challenge on average has been reduced, and there are many small challenges with smaller point rewards. Would you rather get one large chunk of points or slowly get them incrementally? By breaking up the point grind into increments, people may feel like it is more of a required task than something fun. In the past you can spend a smaller amount of time such as maybe half an hour and get the points needed. Some players are trying to find work around however.

The versus option

The versus option doesn’t have a cool down and you can refresh them to get easy points. If you have good options you can still get your 4k points in a relatively short amount of time.

The clan games rewards that have smaller amounts like 300 points or less are easier to finish. You may find it easier to complete a bunch of small challenges rather than one large one. Why do you need to spend gems to get new challenges and might be worth it if you are in a rush or short on time.

Developer’s Perspective

From the developers perspective, they want to increase their activity. If you were only going to do one big challenge then you may not be online as much. But if you have to do many small challenges then you may need to log on more often on different days. It is understandable that the developers want to increase the players’ activity, but instead of trying to make the game more engaging, they have instead made it more cumbersome for certain players.

Why do the developers do this? One reason may be that the audience of the game has changed from that when it was originally released. Many games have become easier and less difficult as the audience becomes more broad. Another way may be because they want to increase micro transactions. Doing clan games can give you rewards but you may lower your trophy count. If you need to boost your trophy come back up in another paying real money if you are a pay to win player buying microtransactions

Finding yellow challenges with bonus points is not easy. You’ll have to go through a lot of junk challenges and just get lucky to find a good challenge. There is some speculation that the type of changes that are released depends on whether it’s towards the beginning or the end of clan games, but this has yet to be confirmed. Anecdotal evidence also suggests bigger changes may be at the beginning rather than the end.

Coordinate With Your Clanmates

Some challenges are easier than others such as the archer queen challenge. If all the people in your clan want to do the same challenges as you, then you may fade over the changes that you guys line and leave the other charges. It may be good to coordinate with your clan in this case. But keep in mind the highest points come from winning with super troops.

Having so many challenges that only give you a small amount of points can definitely feel like a grind. Compared to other parts of the game like brewing poison and freeze spells, players can get exhausted quickly by fulfilling all these requirements. When the game glitches and it doesn’t count a challenge that you’ve completed, that can also be extra frustrating given the new changes.

Are the new changes beneficial for the game overall? Many players may not have that much time to play each day if they only have 30 minutes each day then the new changes to the clan games challenges may actually be beneficial for them. Sometimes the top players have already upgraded everything and they are in the endgame, they might be bored but their boredom is at the expense of new players who may feel more engaged. If you have the time to spare then you can always recycle your challenges and trash them if you don’t like them. You may have to spend some extra time to wait, and you may also need to visit the clan games tab more often which can be bothersome.

There is more diversity now in the type of clan games challenges. The 1500 point super troop challenges can still be done through various strategies. One strategy is to use a goblin attack. Even if you absolutely despise the new clan games challenge rework, keep in mind that if it was changed once it could be changed again. Changes like the wall challenge may have been removed but other new changes can be added. If the game is not fun today, the developers may take into account the player feedback that they receive and make some improvements later.